What We Do


Young Widows Connection

Our primary purpose is to provide a place where people can get together with others going through the same thing they are.  We are a community of individuals who have experienced loss.  While most of us are what we consider “young widows”, the group is not limited by age, or gender, or type of loss.

Online –

Through the Facebook page of We Do Care, we have formed an online community that is ever available to provide support through chat groups, wall posting, and sharing of ideas, tips, support, or funny memes!

In Person –

We Do Care has organized a series of in person support groups.  While the adults have a safe place to meet face to face with members in similar situations, kids meet down the hall and have a chance to connect with other kids who have also lost a parent.  We try to end every group meeting with some sort of fun activity.  The group is focused on self care and sharing.  We also celebrate the month’s birthdays, so everyone has a chance to feel special, especially the children.



Social Meet Ups

We Do Care knows that while it is important to tackle tough subjects and talk through grief, it is just as important in the healing process to laugh and enjoy life.  The organization wanted to offer more than a place to vent about the hard stuff and cry.  We Do Care sponsors social meet ups where people can come together to enjoy themselves without the pressure of having to talk about their feelings the entire time.  Through We Do Care true friendships blossom, and we are able to socialize without the stigma of being the widow of the group.   As they say, sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

We Do Care plans both family friendly events as well as adult night outs.  As important as it is to include the kids in the social planning, sometimes the widows and widowers just need to have a night to themselves with people who understand, to let themselves have fun.  Whether it is a night out bowling, singing karaoke, paint night, celebrating a birthday, playing cards, or a family trip to the Brockton Rox, We Do Care provides an opportunity to members to try to smile and laugh and heal.  Julie even opened her home to the group for an event around Mother’s Day where the moms were treated to donated pedicures as a way to relax as the kids played together back at the house.


Holiday Party

We Do Care throws a Holiday Party every year to support the families of We Do Care members.  The kids are always thrilled to see Santa and no one goes home empty handed.  At a time that is so tough for families who have lost a loved one, We Do Care makes it a point to bring joy and smiles to everyone’s face.  We Do Care provides an outlet to celebrate the holiday among people who are also struggling with the loss of their loved one.


Gifts of Love

We Do Care originated out of the idea that there are young widows who could use some extra TLC.  We Do Care continues to provide support by way of small gifts to ensure that anyone suffering has a little something that could help put a smile on their face or enable them to focus on self care.


Support for Children

In addition to being a haven for the adults who lost a partner, We Do Care does just as much for the children of those individuals.  We Do Care provides a space for kids to meet other kids who have also lost a parent.  Whether it is sending balloons to heaven on Father’s Day, celebrating a child’s birthday, arts and crafts during support group, or through social meet ups for the kiddos, We Do Care focuses on the needs of the entire family.